Pentosan polysulfate sodium, otherwise known as Elmiron, was approved on September 26, 1996, by the FDA to treat interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder disorder. Elmiron was recently linked to vision-related injuries, including eye damage.

Elmiron’s Side Effects Studies

Emory Eye Center conducted two different studies in May 2018 and April 2019. Both showed a direct correlation between Elmiron and pigmentary maculopathy and macular degeneration, two very severe eye disorders. Symptoms associated with macular degeneration include blindness, prolonged dark adaptation, spotty, dimmed, or blurred vision, and central vision loss.

A study conducted by Kaiser Permanente reviewed medical records from 4.3 million Elmiron patients, according to a recent report from Science Direct. The study showed that as the dosage and quantity of Elmiron increased, the dose-response relationship increased (the amount of eye damage the patients suffered).

Elmiron’s Warning Labels

Most Elmiron lawsuits filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturing company, and other drug companies, were due to their failure to warn patients and doctors adequately about the potential vision issues associated with the medication.

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has changed their labels on their bladder pain drug in the background of increasing lawsuits. Under the “Warnings” section, the United States had previously listed no risks. The new Elmiron warning label now includes “Retinal Pigmentary Changes.” The label change was recently approved by the FDA on June 16. Canadian authorities required these warnings to be listed on Elmiron’s label back in October 2019, and a warning label was demanded by the European Medicines Agency as far back as June 2019.

The updated Elmiron warning label now specifies that the medication can change retinal pigments, causing sensitivity to low light, reading problems, and blurred vision. It also recommends that people have their eyesight regularly tested while taking the drug.

This new warning label will help potential users of Elmiron make more informed decisions, but it’s too late for those who have already suffered eye damage as a result of taking it. Even if a patient discontinues Elmiron, their eyesight can continue to worsen, according to the new Elmiron warning label. These changes may also be irreversible.

Elmiron Eye Disease Lawsuit

One Elmiron lawsuit claimed that the plaintiff had developed maculopathy, a degenerative retinal disease while taking the drug. The plaintiff started taking Elmiron in 2012 to treat interstitial cystitis. The plaintiff’s vision deteriorated rapidly six years later, and so they filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson after they were diagnosed with permanent retinal eye injury to both eyes.

The lawsuit claims that the medical community was unaware of the risks associated with this defective, dangerous medication when it was marketed, designed, and distributed. The complaint also indicates that Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to disclose the hazardous risks between Elmiron use and significant visual damage, related to pigmentary maculopathy, and withheld material adverse events.

The attorney for the plaintiff said that the prescribing information and the label that accompanied the drug contained no warnings. There was no mention of maculopathy or permanent vision loss in the patient leaflet, prescription guide, or on Elmiron’s website during the time the plaintiff began taking the medication.

Neither Janssen Pharmaceuticals nor their parent company, Johnson & Johnson, have issued any official statements about the lawsuit, but the company is expected to deny any wrongdoing.

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