Marketing involved with mass torts can often be inefficient as it fails to correctly target potential clients and offers little incentive for those clients to actually listen. Instead of focusing on high-quality content that encourages conversations and engages a target audience, a majority of marketing materials pertaining to potential mass tort cases rely on scare tactics that are overly simplistic. From an economic standpoint, if a viable mass tort case comes your way it can be hard to look away, even if your law firm doesn’t specialize in mass tort cases. In this article, we will discuss marketing strategies specifically for mass tort cases. 

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Mass Tort Law Firms Have Increased

Nationwide, attorneys are adding more mass tort cases to their personal injury firms. Each year, millions of individuals that are fatally or seriously injured are involved in mass tort cases.

Mass tort practices are an opportunity that law firms of any size are seizing. In fact, mass tort cases make up over 36% of the federal civil docket, as more attorneys are starting mass tort practices.

If you are looking to grow your mass tort practice area, marketing is key. You should have a strong television and online presence, and a content-driven website that focuses on how clients look for mass tort attorneys.

Mass Tort Cases Contain Large Settlement Amounts

Mass tort lawsuits include product liability cases against medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Attorneys are beginning to notice the jury verdicts and large settlements that have resulted from these cases:

October 2019: Tracey-Reed Brown filed a lawsuit against Rex Medical, claiming that the IVC filter they implanted into her body had caused her to suffer injuries after the device became fractured inside of her. She was awarded $33.7 million.

October 2019: A lawsuit was resolved by Johnson & Johnson for $117 million that claimed the company marketed its transvaginal mesh device deceptively and failed to warn doctors and patients of its dangerous risks.

March 2019: Johnson & Johnson and Bayer settled 25,000 lawsuits against Xarelto, their blood thinner, for $775 million. The cost will be split by both pharmaceutical companies ($387.5 million each).

July 2018: Over $550 million in compensatory damages and $4.14 billion dollars in punitive damages were awarded to 22 women by a St. Louis jury. The women claim that Johnson & Johnson’s talc products directly contributed to their ovarian cancer.

December 2012: Federal litigation surrounding Amgen Inc. pertaining to the marketing of Aranesp, an anemia treatment for unapproved uses, was resolved in a $762 million settlement.

Mass Tort Legal Marketing for Attorneys: Things to Consider

It takes at least seven times of hearing and seeing an ad before it becomes embedded in a person’s mind, according to the rule of seven. The first name a person thinks of when they want to talk to an attorney about any incident, be it a patient using Zantac who was diagnosed with cancer or a patient who was harmed by dangerous transvaginal mesh, is usually the name of the law firm they saw on television or heard about on the radio.

There are several issues you should take into account when considering advertising for product recalls and mass torts:

  • You must be aware of the issue. This is the first phase of a product recall or a tort. This is the time when the public becomes aware that a product is dangerous and has caused death or serious injury to consumers. Targeted advertising is crucial for your law firm, as well as additional advertising for mass tort cases which offer an added benefit.
  • You can spend more time focusing your advertising on bellwether trial outcomes once a multi-district litigation (MDL) is formed and the trials have been set.
  • If a defendant establishes a settlement fund or the bellwether trial results in a large settlement, your advertising will stand to benefit from these outcomes. You can also build your marketing around these types of settlements.

Timing is Key in Mass Tort Marketing for Attorneys

When it comes to mass torts, timing is everything, and your marketing strategies must reflect that. Timewise, your strategies must be cutting-edge. If you have knowledge of a product recall consumers should be aware of, your advertising needs to “break” the story before someone else does. If your firm is planning on kicking off a mass tort advertising campaign, TV ads can help level the playing field between you and your largest competitors. Move quickly with your ad campaign – don’t wait.

Using Content Marketing to Find Clients for Mass Tort Cases

In order to find mass tort cases with large settlement values, you need to have a strong content-driven website marketing strategy in place. A blog with a strong organic online presence capitalizes on how clients look for mass tort attorneys on the internet.

Successful mass tort lawyers will include a detailed practice area section on their law firm’s website with at least 1,500 words. This page should be devoted entirely to mass tort cases and respond to how injured claimants conduct research while searching for a solution to their medical issue. The practice area page should be supported with informative blog posts that contain new developments in medicine and the law.

The major aspect of marketing for your firm is to educate clients about the potential side effects of a product they have used. Lawyers should use language that is clear and concise so that the general public will be able to understand you better. Your legal marketing strategies should always put your clients’ best interests first, instead of the firm’s.

Key Elements for a Mass Tort Content Strategy

The following key elements should be included in your content strategy:

  • Identifying the ideal potential clientele
  • A structured website that highlights the practice you are growing
  • Detailed information your potential clients need to know, including written content that addresses any questions your client may have
  • A geographic determination of where these clients might be located
  • The creation of a law firm client persona

The more detailed your content plan is, including what the specific pages will look like, the easier it will be when you’re ready to write it all down.

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