Welcome to the Mass Tort Mastermind Group (MTMG), a unique program designed specifically for legal professionals seeking to delve into mass tort litigation. We understand that there are many considerations when it comes to expanding into new practice areas. Whether budget has been a bottleneck or strategy has been a stumbling block, the MTMG can provide solutions that cater to your firm’s unique position and potential by offering a blueprint for success that balances both ambition and fiscal prudence. Engage with thought leaders and peers to foster the ideas that could set your firm apart in a competitive market.

Program Benefits

Personalized Consulting

Receive guidance customized for personal injury firms on how to effectively navigate the mass tort landscape.

Mastermind Class Access

Join complimentary sessions that allow for collaboration and strategic planning with peers.

Collective Buying Power

Leverage the combined strength of the group to access mass tort opportunities more affordably.

Meet the Mastermind Leaders

Ken Hardison

Founder and President of PILMMA. Ken is known as the “Millionaire Maker” for a reason. He has helped lawyers across the country triple or quadruple their law practices by bringing them insights, knowledge, and critical strategies of Legal Marketing and management that can only be learned in the trenches of real law firm success. With over 30 years of legal experience, Ken has personally grown and sold two seven-figure law firms and has shared his knowledge and experience with attorneys, helping them experience exponential growth, increased profits, and ethical market preeminence.

Steve Smith

VP of Business Development at Broughton Partners with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development with almost a decade dedicated solely to the legal marketing industry. Steve has worked with the nation’s top firms, becoming a trusted marketing expert within mass tort and personal injury qualified retainers.


Our program offers a blend of personalized consulting, mastermind class access, and collective buying power tailored to meet the dynamic needs of personal injury firms. Designed to empower your firm with the tools and insights needed for success, the MTMG program is your gateway to tapping into the mass tort sector, transforming potential challenges into opportunities for growth and diversification.


How does the program work?

Ken Hardison creates an LLC for the entire group and manages the spend as the Managing Director. Each member of the group becomes a shareholder in the LLC, with shareholder percentages based on the total amount of the each member’s spend commitment. Monthly calls will be used to review the status of campaigns purchased and options of new torts to purchase. The group votes as a “board” on which torts to purchase each month.

How many mass torts does the group typically invest in?

The number varies based on group size and total financial commitment. Investments could range from a minimum of three torts to more than five, depending on these factors.

Are the case originations coming through Broughton Partners?

Yes, all advertising efforts and claimant sign-ups on qualified retainers for each tort campaign are managed by Broughton Partners, ensuring a streamlined process for acquiring cases.

Will we have access to the inventory of claimants?

Members will have comprehensive access to reports on signed retainers, along with updates and information provided by the litigating law firm for each tort, offering transparency and insight into the the progress of each campaign.