24/7 In House Legal Call Center

At Broughton Partners we know that a qualified retainer could be
one call away, and we believe that it would be unacceptable
for us to miss even one potential plaintiff for our clients.

How does it work?

Our in-house legal call center is staffed with highly trained and multilingual individuals who can take calls any time, any day, and ensure that the claimants you receive are fully qualified. Being available around the clock helps create a lasting relationship from the start and allows us to deliver more qualified retainers.

Broughton Partners employs proprietary technology to help our representatives screen and qualify potential claimants based upon your firm’s custom criteria. Our call routing technology assures that no call goes unanswered, day or night. We even use custom SMS technology to help schedule calls with potential clients at times that are convenient to them, ensuring that the clients’ relationship with your firm starts off on the right foot, every time.

We want to make sure our law firms are maximizing the value of their campaigns. To deliver that value we don’t charge any hidden fees for phone calls, fee sharing, postage, copies, or anything else associated with our service. We want to work hard around the clock for you so your firm can forget about lead generation and instead focus on those in need of your help.

Call Center

We understand that there isn’t any one convenient time to talk with a potential client about their case, so when they reach out for help, someone needs to be there. This is why our legal call centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If a potential claimant reaches out via a webform we use custom SMS technology to schedule a call when it is convenient for them.


Our call center is located in-house, unlike most in the industry, which allows our representatives to collaborate with others in the office in real-time. This enables our team to quickly make adjustments based on conversations with potential clients or with your law firm. This way, you always have an inbox full of the qualified claimants you are looking to assist.

Qualified Claimants

Our call center will ensure that all of the claimants you receive have already been qualified. The highly trained representatives in our call center qualify all potential plaintiffs through our proprietary intake process that uses your specified criteria to determine if they are the right client for your law firm. Creating a solid, lasting relationship with your potential claimants is a process, and our caring intake team will expertly handle the first steps in building that connection.

Our Call Center

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