Is Your Legal Marketing Putting Your Bar Card At Risk?


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Is your dialer TCPA-compliant?

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Are your intake employees going through HIPAA awareness training annually?

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Do you have stringent 'do not call' policies in place?

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Are you verifying your vendors are following the rules?

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Are you doing enough to protect your client's data from cybersecurity threats?

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Are you indemnified if a mistake is made through advertising, calling, or signing a potential claimant?

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Without an originating firm, are you on the hook for all compliance in the marketing process?

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Do you have quality assurance protocols in place to validate that the processes and procedures are being followed?

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Are you proactively blocking litigious clients searching for vulnerabilities in your compliance procedures?

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Are you following up on regulatory changes on a weekly basis and updating your processes and procedures accordingly?

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We Can Help

Broughton Partners puts compliance at the heart of everything we do.

Our products and services are built from inception to protect your law firm’s reputation, wallet, and bar card.

We take the responsibility of opening the door to your law firm seriously, so we’ve invested heavily in areas other legal marketing services ignore.

We Have You Covered

We understand the rules to behave compliantly

Hiring, training, and educating intake staff on TCPA compliance, HIPAA awareness, and DNC protocols on a regular basis.

We protect consumer rights by ensuring that advertising is truthful and accurate

This builds trust and credibility. Consumers are more likely to do business with companies that they believe are honest, especially in this highly sensitive space.

We protect company reputation

Non-compliant advertising practices can damage a company’s reputation and brand. Negative publicity can spread quickly through social media and other channels, leading to lost customers. Companies that follow legal and ethical advertising practices can gain a competitive advantage.

We have the infrastructure to keep client data secure

IT Security and protocols protect client data from ransomware and other cyber threats.

We stay on top of rapidly evolving regulations

Independent compliance audits annually and in-house counsel help us adhere to the most current rules and regulations.

We monitor quality and proactively mitigate fraud

We have software and teams dedicated to vetting cases throughout the intake process to proactively monitor quality, so the cases your firm receives meet your expectations.

We stand behind our product and services

Marketing indemnifications protect you from ethics violations, professional litigators, and costly fines for mistakes. Many marketing companies claim they will take all the responsibility and indemnify you. However, when a law firm hires a marketing company, it is as an extension of the firm. It’s still the attorney’s job to make sure the marketing company is doing everything compliantly.

The negligent corporations you're fighting are betting on your inability to competently and compliantly manage marketing and logistics. They're betting the people they've harmed will never become aware they may have valid legal claims they can pursue.

We'll make it easier, faster, and more affordable to act compliantly, so you can focus on your client's needs. Don't take shortcuts that keep you up at night. Give us a chance to earn and help grow your business by giving us a call.

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