Our Mission

Our mission is to connect law firms with qualified
claimants who are seeking legal representation after
suffering an injury or injustice.

About Broughton Partners

Broughton Partners is a technology first, innovative legal marketing and case acquisition company. Our mission is to connect law firms with qualified claimants who are seeking legal representation after suffering an injury or injustice. We help increase law firms’ growth and revenue by providing them with the best case generation and legal marketing services possible.

The founders of Broughton Partners saw a trend in law firm lead generation companies acquiring bad reputations, which led to the idea of case generation and delivering retained plaintiffs to law firms.

Broughton Partners leverages an in-house marketing team and 24/7 bilingual call center to deliver quality qualified retainers by optimizing marketing with closed-loop data feedback.

Today, the company works with hundreds of top law firms across the country. Broughton Partners innovates and disrupts the status quo by providing an evolutionary and dynamic case generation solution built on efficiency, data science, technology, and transparency. We believe in delivering results that are measurable so our clients and employees can effectively monitor business objectives.

At the core of our business is our duty to help those in need and by connecting plaintiffs seeking help from experienced attorneys, we are simply doing work that we are proud of for the people and law firms that we believe in.

Our Difference

Stellar Marketing Team

We have our very own world-class marketing team made up of experienced digital and traditional marketers who know how to attract and reach out to victims and their families searching for help. We focus on targeting, attracting, and engaging the plaintiff leads you want so you don’t have to.

In-House 24 Hour Call Center

Our bilingual in-house call center is available 24/7 to communicate online and by phone to qualify and sign claimants for you. The clients you get are the clients you want. Our intake professionals turn leads into qualified retainers through proprietary techniques. We have highly trained and compassionate professionals and provide them with customized case-qualifying solutions that allow us to target and sign plaintiffs that need your representation.

Exclusive Software & Analytics

Our customized, proprietary mass tort case acquisition platforms track leads as soon as they show interest online and call. This management system was created with the goal of tracking and acquiring the best qualified retainers for you. We continually improve our performance through testing, reporting, and optimizing our campaigns.

Legal Network

Broughton Partners helps firms capitalize on our strong relationships in the mass tort litigation industry by providing referring firms with not only qualified claimants but also a connection to the firms that are actively litigating these qualified claimants.