Our Legal Marketing Team

We have a fully staffed and dedicated legal 
marketing team exclusively focused on generating targeted leads in the legal sector
through social channels and search engines.


Software & Analytics

We developed a lead management system that allows our
team to track every potential client from the moment they
engage with our message to the moment you sign them.

Attorney Campaign Tracking

When a potential client makes contact with your law firm, Broughton Partners will be able to relay to your team how the lead was acquired, their method of communication, informative demographic details and have the ability to monitor that lead’s actions throughout.

How We Track Campaigns

Broughton Partners’ mass tort case acquisition platform is structured around lead procurement and communication from the ground up. We developed a lead management system that allows our team to track every potential client from the moment they engage with our message to the moment you sign them.

Campaign Benefits

Detailed Reports

Discover top ROI leads and identify areas for improvement.

Personalized Strategies

Providing customized strategies for closing deals.

More Clients

Convert more contacts into clients using behavioral and demographic data.

Law Firm Digital Marketing

Every hour you burn trying to figure out how to elevate your
brand and compile new leads steals another billable hour
from your bottom line. That’s where we come in.

Dominate Search Results

We focus our efforts on targeting potential plaintiffs from the beginning of their journey in search of information on their injury to the active search for legal representation. Most injured parties start their discovery and solution online, where we make sure you stand out.

Multi-Layered Strategy

The rapid adoption of mobile, social, video, and other digital technologies have transformed how law firms are conducting marketing today, and it’s constantly changing. We are an experienced legal marketing firm that utilizes all of the elements of a successful digital marketing strategy and understands how that strategy fits into your overall marketing plan.

Clients You Want

Our claimant qualification system dynamically improves with each completed cycle in order to connect the right plaintiffs with lawyers who service that particular practice area and criteria. We help potential clients find your law firm when they are looking for the representation you provide.

TV Marketing

Broughton Partners understand what makes a law firm
television ad great, and we want our clients to have the most
refined brand recall possible.

The Power of TV

Television advertisements are a long-reaching investment, teeming with unlimited potential for recognition and revenue growth.

Broughton Partners is happy to offer our clients marketing solution assistance and consultation for targeted and effective television advertisements.

Volume of Views

In the legal field, the majority of potential claimants find attorneys through a television commercial spot, either at a local, regional, or national level.

The value of the viewers watching at any given moment and clients that will relate to your firm’s brand even before they know they need your services cannot be underestimated.

Long-Term Investment

By analyzing your firm’s strengths, we will help craft a quality television ad that will start building a lasting relationship with potential clients both locally and across the country.

Broughton Partners knows how to make your firm stand out from the crowd. We’ll ensure that your TV ad is not only top quality but ethical as well.