An updated look and name that represents another step forward in the company’s journey and transformation.

Building better connections between claimants and attorneys. Partnerships built around technology to simplify and strengthen relationships in the pursuit of justice.

February 4, 2019, at 9:00 AM EST

SAVANNAH, GA. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 04, 2019 — Amicus, the leading provider of retained claimants for attorneys, today announced that it would be changing its name to Broughton Partners. The company is rebranding and adopting its new tagline, Building Better Connections, indicating its transparent business model that builds partnerships by seeking justice for the wronged and connecting claimants with attorneys. The Broughton Partners brand aptly represented by its clean and bold name, and a stylish logo that communicates strength and reliability.

The company will unveil its new branding this weekend at the American Association for Justice Convention (AAJ) where it will officially announce to the industry and share its new face and evolutionary vision.

“Corporate negligence bothers me to my core. We believe that corporations should act fair and responsibly. Profits should never be put over people. Our vision statement reminds us of what we are fighting for every day: No Claimant Without a Claim. Broughton Partners is dedicated to ensuring a future where no person endures hardship due to corporate negligence,” says Cason Carter, CEO, Broughton Partners.

History of Broughton Partners

Broughton Partners was co-founded by Daniel Eichholz, a descendant of one of Savannah’s founding families, and draws from the diverse heritage as one of the first settled cities in America with Broughton Street being the main thoroughfare of the city. We choose Broughton Partners as our name to show our strong affiliation with the city of Savannah. Our company started by helping people in Savannah and we wanted to pay homage to our roots.

“Our previous name and identity served the company well,” said Daniel Eichholz, Co-Founder, Broughton Partners. “Our new brand name and logo has a more contemporary identity to better reflect and effectively communicate our vision of the future for our growing business, partners, and claimants. Our new brand is designed to signify our confidence and ability to drive positive change in the world by building better connections and providing a voice to the people against powerful corporations.”

About Broughton Partners

Broughton Partners is a technology first, innovative legal marketing and qualified retainer acquisition company. It connects those in need with attorneys that are seeking new claimants within the legal industry. Broughton Partners innovates and disrupts the status quo by providing an evolutionary and dynamic qualified lead generation solution built on efficiency, data science, technology, and transparency. Today the company is lead by Savannah natives and residents Daniel Eichholz, Cason Carter, and Damon Barr.