The team at Broughton Partners is committed to providing help to the community and clients we serve through both good and bad situations. We have always valued people over profits. In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we have already taken a number of steps to protect the health and well-being of our employees and clients. We are doing our part in controlling the spread of the virus in accordance with both state and federal health authorities.

During these uncertain times, we are keeping a positive attitude and will continue to do all we can to better serve our clients and improve our business. We are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic daily, as we do with all important events, and will make necessary adjustments to business operations and policies.

Staying Connected From a Distance

Broughton Partners has always utilized advanced technologies, and we’re continuing to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, we’re relying on useful digital communication tools. As a result, our employees can handle all of their duties remotely and safely. And they can keep providing our clients with the most helpful services possible.

As cases of COVID-19 began to increase in the United States and before the pandemic started shutting down businesses, we decided to get our staff fully prepared for remote work. We provided headsets and Google Chromebooks for our entire call center division to provide a secure and reliable system for them to safely work from hope and assist client-needs as normal. Our call center remains fully operational 24 hours a day to ensure claimants are being taken care of whenever they may call. 

Our internal communications have likewise continued without interruption. We’re now conducting virtual meetings on Google Hangouts, which was a natural platform for us since we use Google’s G Suite for email.

To increase the efficiency of our communications while working remotely, Broughton Partners uses Slack, a proprietary instant messaging platform, for increased communication between employees, as well as departments, and the entire company as a whole. While we have been using Slack since our founding, it has proven to be invaluable in these unforeseen circumstances. In addition to Slack messaging, Broughton Partners and Intake Direct now have an Employee Text Messaging System. This company-wide text messaging system will alert employees of any emergency situation or company event which requires instantaneous notification.

Maintaining Our Health

Of course, we’re not just concerned with our employees’ work performance. We’re invested in their physical and mental well-being. That’s why we implemented workplace social distancing the same day the CDC recommended doing so.

Then, when our home city of Savannah issued a shelter-in-place order — which happened before the whole state of Georgia did so — we made arrangements to let every staff member work from home.

Soon afterward, Broughton Partners furnished each employee with a bonus of $200 for buying nonperishable foods. That way, our team members could stock up on supplies and spend less time in supermarkets during the virus’s peak.

On top of that, we purchased N95 respirators and gave them to our workers. These devices are close-fitting masks that can filter particles in the air. As such, these pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) help people to avoid catching and spreading the coronavirus.

Keeping Up Our Morale

From the start, we’ve been concerned about employee morale. After all, it’s difficult to stay away from a happy and bustling workplace for so long, especially during a period of widespread anxiety.

With that in mind, we established an offsite committee, which consists of people from each of our company’s departments. This group has been tasked with creating programs that will keep our staff members in touch with one another. Hopefully, these initiatives will brighten their days as well.

For example, Carson Carter, our CEO, frequently addresses the whole company via video. These updates guarantee that everyone is aware of the latest news and information. Therefore, each employee is striving toward the same goals. These talks also uplift spirits during troubled times.

Individual departments have started conducting after-hours virtual hangout sessions, allowing employees to connect and discuss subjects that fall outside of their daily work, like the shared experiences of working from home during a pandemic. Stories are shared about gardening, healthy workouts that can be done at home with no equipment, crafting projects, recipes, and much more. We have found these to be a great opportunity to learn more about our coworkers and are a huge morale booster for everyone. 

Continuing to Provide Quality Service

While we are currently working remotely, we are still conducting business, as usual, to ensure you are delivered nothing but the highest-quality signed retainers. Every call we receive from claimants are put through quality assurance tests and every signed retainer is checked for accuracy. Our proprietary case-acquisition solution allows our team to track and monitor calls remotely and provide continuous feedback to our agents.

Our clients may be worried about the number of signed cases or qualified claimants decreasing due to the virus, however, our sign rates remain strong. If you are an active client, you can expect to be contacted by your sales representative or account manager to follow-up on how our service is working for you. You may also schedule a meeting time with our team that is convenient for you.

Keep Up to Date With Broughton Partners

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We are also planning to schedule online webinars featuring top attorneys. These webinars will provide you with an in-depth look into active mass tort litigations and how Broughton Partners can help your law firm reach more claimants. 

All In Together

As a final note, we’ve always been impressed by how tenacious and thoroughly dedicated our employees are. For that reason, we’re confident that we’ll pull through this health crisis together. We look forward to the day when we can reunite in our offices. Until then, we’ll still be working hard, albeit from home, for our clients and the claimants they represent. We’re 100% remote and 100% committed to getting the job done.