Team sport participation is a great way for children to gain skills that will last a lifetime. Children can learn teamwork, gain leadership skills, and even learn to handle the occasional defeat. 

Soccer is a sport that unifies communities on a worldwide level. Children from an early age, across hundreds of countries, learn valuable life skills through participating in soccer programs. These opportunities carry forward throughout their lives, often into adulthood.

However, certain individuals with challenging disabilities haven’t had the same chances to enjoy the game of soccer. That’s why US Youth Soccer has established the TOPSoccer program to solve that problem.

The TOPSoccer Mission

TOPSoccer is designed to reach out to all ages on a community-based level. It is a soccer training program for children and adults who struggle with various physical, intellectual, or emotional challenges. TOPSoccer is a program for otherwise abled children. The same skills are gained, but at a pace that is appropriate for them. No matter the ability every child can participate in team sports.

About TOPSoccer

The program is made up of community volunteers who help nurture a safe and fun environment for learning the world’s most popular sport. TOPSoccer has a helpful staff of knowledgeable professionals who help individuals start the process of building a soccer program targeting those with special needs. There is a step-by-step guide to assess the need in the community and provide a strategy for success.

While TOPSoccer is a unique program itself, the ability to diversify to address individual community needs is important. Many TOPSoccer programs start out slowly and build into something wonderful.

More Than Just a Soccer Program

The TOPSoccer program was designed with all disabilities in mind. Whether it is physical or cognitive does not matter. Every child has a chance to participate in playing soccer with others has more benefits than just staying physically active.

A cognitive disability can impact communication. Playing a team sport encourages the building blocks of language. The art of communication is a give and take. Children in the TOPSoccer program will learn to take turns, to initiate engagement with their peers, and wait for a response from another player or opposing team.

A physical disability can limit motility. Playing a team sport encourages a child to command their proprioception. Gaining a sense of where we fit in our surroundings is a great benefit for some children who have a deficit in this area. Being aware of how your limbs move or your foot kicks will bring a sense of accomplishment and a desire to do it again.

Children in this program will also gain a boost in self-esteem. When a child sees themselves accomplish something, even if it is kicking a ball for the first time, the desire to try new things expands. The will to keep trying inevitably follows.

The TOPSoccer program provides children the chance to interact with their peers. The daily schedules for many children who are diagnosed with disabilities are full of therapy appointments, medication schedules, and self-care tasks. For one much anticipated moment, they can take a break and play. While participating in a team sport is fun, there are also significant skills that can be increased or introduced.

Broughton Partners Supports TOPSoccer

Broughton Partners is excited to help build a unified community by being the lead sponsor of a TOPSoccer program facilitated by Tormenta FC Academy

Broughton Partners and TOPSoccer have joined hands to help people feel better about themselves and the world around them.

All an aspiring person needs to do is contact TOPSoccer to get the ball rolling. TOPSoccer provides direction and an abundance of resources to help develop a strong foundation for a successful program.

If you are interested in helping a child gain social skills, build communication abilities, or simply to add some fun to their lives, please contact your local chapter of TOPSoccer to talk about volunteering. You will be adding to the lives of our players and bringing joy to yours too.