Many veterans have a hard time finding employment once they have exited the military. However, Broughton Partners is working to change this with our Military Works Program, a program designed to give preferential treatment when hiring veterans and veteran spouses. We have successfully launched our program during our Veteran’s Day Celebration and are currently working with businesses in the community to help ensure that veterans are always given an equal opportunity for employment.

Employment Opportunities For Our Troops

This program will help ensure that veterans within the community no longer have to struggle to get by. It will also ensure that veterans are given opportunities for positions regardless of disabilities as well as allow them the chance to work with employers who understand their situation. Broughton Partners is also working to help the widows of veterans and recently donated $10,000 to a widow of a veteran in the community.

Many people are not aware of the struggles that veterans face after no longer being enlisted in the military. Every veteran has a skill set, however, this does not always ensure that they will find suitable work once they are back in the civilian world. This is why Broughton Partners is stepping up to help veterans find legitimate employment that will allow them to support their loved ones.

It is often hard for many veterans to re-enter into the civilian world, and the inability to work presents depression and other problems for veterans. With the help of Broughton Partners, veterans can find their place back in the working world. Veterans who find a suitable job can lessen their symptoms of stress and depression while also becoming financially stable. After all, every veteran has stood up to protect their country, and Broughton Partners is helping to show their appreciation to veterans for their service.

No person should be denied a chance for employment, and with our Military Works Program, veterans will be given the opportunity to get back to work. This means that they do not have to fully rely on social services or ask for extra help from the government.

Getting Back into the Workforce

When veterans are given the opportunity to work, they are given the chance to become a productive member of society once again. Broughton Partners is giving veterans the chance to stand tall once again, and our Military Works Program wants to convey the message that every veteran in the community can find a stable income.

It is only a matter of time before the veterans in the community are employed and living a far better life. This is an exciting initiative that will hopefully help many veterans heal, find their place in the community, and help strengthen the community. Our U.S. Military veterans have many hidden talents, amazing skill sets, and work quickly and efficiently.

Contact Broughton Partners For More Information

If you are a United States Armed Forces veteran or veteran spouse and are looking for employment opportunities, contact our Director of People & Culture , Brian Cail, or any of our local partners to find the perfect job for you.

Here are our current local partners looking to hire veterans in the community:

If your business is interested in joining our Military Works Program, please contact us for more information.