While a lawyer can extend their services to claimants across the country, they can’t forget the people in their local community. Remaining committed to the people around you is just as important as fighting on a claimant’s behalf in court. Doing so not only improves public relations between your law firm and your community but can be a fulfilling experience from a personal perspective.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to give back to your community through several avenues available to litigators. Whether it be career-focused, education-based, or a personal investment, a law firm can give back to the community in ways unlike other industries.

Pro Bono Legal Services

Offer legal services for free to those who cannot afford legal action. Such systems are already in place for some law firms and the American Bar Association recommends lawyers set aside 50 hours a year to perform such work. You can find opportunities on your own or with an organization in need of your services or align with a specific skill set.

Community Legal Workshops

Organize legal workshops or seminars to educate community members about their legal rights and fields of law they otherwise may not know. Information on tax law, employment rights, or any other relevant topics they could benefit from understanding. Sometimes a little knowledge can go a long way to avoiding hardships.

Volunteer Work

At the end of the day, there is always volunteer work. Whether it’s a non-profit charity or service project, encouraging lawyers and staff to volunteer for a cause they believe in can have a personal and communal benefit for the better. There is always something worth doing when you seek it out.

Support Local Nonprofits

Raising funds or partnering with organizations aligning with your firm’s values helps spread the word about their mission and likely aids a good cause in the long run. How this can be done varies in a number of ways from hosting a sports event, starting a fundraiser, or something as simple as spotlighting them through your firm’s social media can all have an impact.

Scholarships and Internships

Law firms can offer valuable guidance to members of their community through internship or scholarship programs. Many would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the legal world and its processes. If you don’t want to got that far, little services such as portfolio or resume writing workshops can all have a tremendous impact on someone who will look to your firm for guidance should any legal trouble arise.

Advocacy and Policy Work

When a new piece of litigation is in its infancy or a new law is on a voter’s ballot, attorneys can use their expertise to explain the situation to their community and if they need to take action. It’s a simple but effective effort to see if anyone can qualify for your services or benefit from checking a box on a ballot.

Environmental Initiatives

Beyond the scope of their legal experience, attorneys can organize environmental efforts. Clean-up events, planting trees on a plot of land, advocating for a green agency are all avenues to achieve this without much besides the want to do so.

Collaborate with Local Schools

Sometimes the greatest audience to make an impact on are the youngest of the community. Collaborating with schools to offer children and young adults career advice or insights can make a world of difference for their futures, whether they do pursue a career in the legal field or take your advice with them to chase a dream job.

Disaster Relief Efforts

When disaster strikes, there is never a bad time to act. Supporting the relief efforts after hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes can help your community rebuild much quicker and is a gesture they won’t forget. Additionally, you can guide them through the insurance process and point out if their claim is underpaid in comparison to their policy.

Developing Creative Outlets

Attorneys can always pursue their own interests with a creative outlet that also benefits their community. Interested in music? Form or join the local choir. More into literature? Book clubs are always welcome endeavors. A theater goer? Be a part of a community theater group. In pursuing their passion, lawyers express themselves better than they could before and draw in others with similar interests, creating spaces in their community where people can find a place for themselves.

How Broughton Partners Can Help

If you feel you don’t have the time to volunteer, maybe Broughton Partners can lighten your workload.

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