Your brand is how clients and potential claimants identify you and your law firm. While your mind might jump to bright colors or a slick design, a brand is more than just reliant on visual appeal. Combining colors and pictures doesn’t create a connection with customers or give your firm identity. A brand is made up of visuals, language, tone, and content.

These elements establish who your firm is in the industry and the kind of attorney you are. A consistent approach across multiple marketing channels gives the public a better understanding of who you are and what makes you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Building a Brand

The basic steps for building a brand are to ask yourself a few questions: “Who is my target audience, and what problems do I want to solve? How are my competitors addressing their concerns? What makes me or my firm uniquely qualified?”

You don’t need these answers right away–these are defining questions that will guide your branding and marketing strategies and should be deliberated carefully. A wrong answer from lack of research, time, or experience can be detrimental to defining your brand.

Your Message

Before any other branding components, your law firm’s message needs to be nailed down. This should come across in your language. Tone, word choice, and language can convey a lot about your brand, consciously and unconsciously. A strong diction describing your mission or vision as a company will feel more like a conversation than a sales pitch. In addition, you can’t give the entire history of your firm or your practice as an attorney. Be direct and purposeful about why your firm matters and what you bring to the table; this is the best method to convey your message.

These small but significant focal points can resonate with various audiences, connecting with them personally without meeting anyone from your firm. Getting your message right is the foundation on which everything else will be built. How you communicate your abilities as a law firm will influence your visual style, generated content, and your impact in your industry.

Visual Styles

Your law firm’s visuals represent who you are and give audiences a way to remember you. What makes up your visual identity is a combination of elements from your logo, typography, colors, etc. How you compose your firm’s visuals is ultimately down to what you choose to encompass most of your firm. However, the difficulty lies in creating a visual design that accomplishes this objective without making it too complex or overwhelming and is consistent across your advertising channels.

Whatever you choose, it should be clarified this isn’t an overnight process. You can decide and employ a visual style only for it not to stick with your targetted audience. While that may be disheartening, you can’t measure the success of a brand in such a short period. More time is needed to measure your impact and gauge an audience’s retention correctly.

Shareable Content

Beyond what you present to potential clients is what you can offer them. This is where shareable content comes into play. Creating quality web content is a great way to expand your reach as a law firm by informing potential clients about recent litigation or the inner workings of the legal world. Your reputation as a professional source for legal articles and trusted advisor for clients seeking legal aid increases.

An SEO strategy can help shape the kind of content that fits your firm. A proper plan will lay the foundation for the topics your firm can cover and appeal to targeted audiences. Additionally, site links to reputable sites will increase your reputation, leading to search engines pushing your articles to more people. More eyes on your content will lead to more people sharing it with it more audiences. It’s a natural way to target and increase your potential client base organically.

However, you should refrain from using tactics such as clickbait articles, as that will hurt the reputation of your website, meaning fewer people will visit your website. Be careful when creating content that follows search guidelines to see the best results.

Measuring Your Impact

Your logo, tone, and imagery characteristics depend on specific strategies that may or may not resonate with your intended audience. This is where the trickiest part of creating a brand for your law firm comes in: measuring your success. Social media and search engine analytics are the best options when tracking your brand’s impact. Seeing who interacts with your firm’s social posts or where specific content ranks on search results are excellent ways to track audience interaction.

Following the techniques of the previous sections should make this an easy step, especially when looking at how your firm’s clients react to every element of your brand working together. The key is to find what is and is not working for most people and address those critiques as your brand evolves with time.

Changing Over Time

Whatever results from your branding efforts, always remember your creation isn’t set in stone. There may be times when you need to reevaluate your firm’s identity and brand messaging. Choices such as whether you need to refine existing creatives or completely retool your approach will need to be made with varying results.

But whatever steps you take, whether big or small, a consistent brand that reaches a wide variety of people is the end goal. Aligning your brand with your law firm’s objectives is never a concrete result. It is meant to evolve and change with time. You will find success if you understand what you want to achieve with your brand and how to get there.

Marketing With Broughton Partners

While you can create a brand for your law firm, you may need to learn how to market it in various advertising channels to reach your targeted audience. That is the goal of Broughton Partners. Our technology-first approach allows us to optimize our marketing campaigns and deliver pre-qualified claimants to your law firm. Our in-house 24/7 call center and tailor-made criteria give us the power to generate qualified retainers and connect them with partnered law firms.

This system provides attorneys with new clients and gets claimants the justice they deserve. If you want to know more, call us at (800) 949-8904 or complete our online contact form today.