Having trouble with client acquisition? You’re not alone—over the past ten years quality leads for lawyers have become more difficult to generate. The saturation of the legal field alongside drastic shifts in consumer behavior over the past decade has contributed to an extremely competitive landscape, one in which reliable leads are hard to come by. However, you can now connect with qualified retainers with the help of Broughton Partners.

Broughton Partners is a team of professionals who are here to provide you services that are designed to work quickly and effectively to get you the potential clients you want when you need them. We partner with you to provide qualified retainers to your specifications and deliver them prepared with the documents and histories needed for the case. Our competitive advantage is based on understanding the legal industry and the value of a law firm’s time by delivering retained plaintiffs and not just leads.

More Than Campaign Generation

Our services are for attorneys who are looking to take on more clients without having to worry about whether or not they are receiving qualified leads. Unlike lead generation agencies, we provide law firms with claimants that have been fully vetted based on specific criteria.

How do we do this? 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Exclusive Software & Analytics
  • 24 Hour Intake Center

We use these tactics performed by our highly trained team who specialize in these departments in order to find qualified clients. 

What are Qualified Retainers?

Qualified retainers are those that pass your company specifications and requirements. We don’t waste time and valuable efforts on those claimants that are not fit for you. These are reliable and eligible claimants that have passed through our stringent qualification process that includes in-depth interviewing, an examination of pertinent documents, and a pre-analysis of case details. 

It can be difficult to find reliable leads, especially leads that are high-quality and case-ready. Save time and let us find qualified retainers for your law firm.

Our Process

Our professional in-house marketing team begins by targeting and connecting with victims who are searching for legal information about their case. We then begin tracking the lawsuit leads online with our proprietary case-acquisition solution as soon as potential plaintiffs show interest or after they call. This system is constantly optimized for the best results and to ensure only qualified retainers are being delivered to law firms.

We have our very own in-house call center that is staffed 24 hours. Our call centers are on duty all day, every day, with year-round service from multilingual, highly trained professionals who are able to navigate through potential leads and find the qualified retainers you requested. This allows our team to serve all cities across the nation. Each of our intake associates is trained to handle each intake session with the highest level of professionalism and compassion. Potential clients will be examined by our in-house call center via customized questions and a qualification process that is based on your law firm’s criteria.

When our team finds a qualified lawsuit lead, we then gather appropriate case documents that your law firm would need to start working on the case right away.

In-House Marketing Team

Our marketing team utilizes traditional and digitals strategies, so we can zero in and target victims searching for legal information and representation. With our comprehensive digital marketing solutions, we make sure each potential client is qualified for a lawsuit and is exclusive to your law firm. We are always on our toes by researching, evaluating, monitoring, and optimizing all our marketing campaigns.

The digital marketing team has years of combined experience in SEO, paid search, social media, and display media. We use all of these methods to find potential clients for your law firm.

Case Acquisition Platform

Our company has a proprietary case acquisition platform that allows our staff to track leads and potential clients as soon as they touch base or show interest online. This platform is always monitored in real-time because we want to optimize all our efforts to ensure we are able to meet your specifications. 

In-house Call Center Service

We have compassionate and highly trained call center agents that are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year through. They are staffed by highly trained professionals who can filter through the potential plaintiffs and qualified leads you want. We know that it takes an immeasurable amount of time and effort to vet eligible claimants, so we do the heavy work for you by speaking to them anytime, leaving you to focus on the more important aspect of helping your established roster of clients.

Pre-Qualifications Algorithms

We have an existing client intake system that is set-up with the necessary parameters and algorithms, which allow us to know if a lead is a perfect match. Our system significantly improves the quality of leads by putting them through customized questions that take into account your case criteria.

Delivery of Qualified retainers 

After reviewing potential plaintiffs, we only send those that qualify to your law firm. On top of that, we take things up a notch by providing each qualified retainer with appropriate documents such as hospital history, defective device information, and insurance claims. Going this extra mile helps you establish a better rapport with your client so you can start the relationship on the right footing, making the quest for justice easier.

Why Choose Broughton Partners?

Broughton Partners is made up of experienced and professional analysts, designers, developers, directors, marketers, and strategists. We achieve success by understanding the legal industry and the value of a law firm’s time. We understand that our clients count on us with the same confidence, trust, and expectations with which your clients count on you. 

With our expertise in the industry and our long list of satisfied clients, we are confident that we can provide you with what you need. We understand the sudden and frequent changes in the industry, so we always update and upgrade our marketing strategies to stay competitive. 

We take pride in our team because we prioritize quality work and never compromise just for the sake of quantity. We show compassion and care in dealing with our distressed claimants, so they can feel our support as we try our best to connect them to your law firm.