Keeping a law firm’s brand consistent in all the touchpoints of marketing is quite a challenge. The emergence of social media has only made this task more challenging. Are you using the same tone when writing marketing emails that you use to express your brand’s style and tone in television advertisements? Do you need to differentiate between these two audiences in the style you use? Is there a way to ensure potential clients will recognize your firm’s brand even if they are just seeing you for the first time on social media?

A combination of colors or a logo does not make a brand, and neither does a stunning cover picture. A law firm’s brand is ultimately a feeling produced within the customers, and this feeling is built when there is a consistent approach taken with your brand across each interaction with individuals.

Basics of a Brand

First, a law firm must choose a consistent logo, color combination, bio, and matching posts. Some companies change their logo style very slightly between the various networks to better accommodate smaller photo spaces and specific audiences’ interests. Whatever is chosen should exhibit a common thread easily recognizable as your firm’s brand.

The following checklist should be followed:

  • Do an audit of all social media outlets covering all of your law firm’s accounts.
  • Make sure that banners, logos, bios, posting tones and handles are fully cohesive with your brand’s guidelines, then regularly audit to ensure adherence.
  • Post at consistent intervals and make sure your content is in line with the feel and look of your established brand.

Extend Your Law Firm’s Visual Branding

Use the same font style and coloring in all of your videos, graphics, and images. Does the coloring on your Instagram page immediately speak of your firm to the visitor? When you publish a video, are you using the same fonts there that you’ve used on your blog post image?

When your posts are consistent over time, customers will come to recognize them as yours even before they see your brand’s logo. This is the ultimate goal of brand recognition for which you are exerting all these efforts on social media.

The following actions should be taken to aid in promoting your law firm’s brand:

  • Write a visual brand guide that includes fonts, where to use each one, and specific colors.
  • Make templates of graphics you will commonly use for similar announcement types such as new case developments or new team members. Use similar colors, fonts and designs.
  • Create videos and pictures that incorporate your brand’s color choices and aesthetic appeal. The flow between such postings should be seamless.

To Establish Your Law Firm’s Brand Tone and Voice

After taking care of colors, fonts, captions, and visuals, the next step that needs attention in the branding process is the one involving social media posts. Social media accounts belonging to a firm need to have a personality. Some firms choose a serious and aggressive tone, while others may choose to be heartfelt and sincere. Perhaps you have a brand voice already established in other marketing areas. If so, begin to extend this voice to your social media platforms and cultivate it further there.

Below are three steps to follow in effectively establishing your firm’s tone and voice:

  • Develop and write down your firm’s tone and voice guide. Check into social media techniques and look for validation of writing style decisions that you make.
  • Audit your firm’s posts on social media to determine areas that need improvement in tone and voice.
  • Share a style guide with copywriters and explain to them how you want your content to read. Make sure the social team, as well as customer support, uses the tone and voice guide when writing new posts.

This tone and voice guide needs to incorporate your law firm’s brand persona, personality characteristics, vocabulary, and firm tagline. If you have several individuals managing your accounts, it helps to have a reference guide to keep all members aligned. This will help avoid the appearance on social media that your firm has disparate perspectives.

Having your own style guide to use for your law firm is great for internal use, but if you enlist the assistance of others for writing content or other social media tasks, you will likely want to make your guide available through other means. By doing so, you help ensure that everyone knows the bottom line, and there will be less wasted time with repetitive work.

Create Valuable and Shareable Content

By creating quality content that is informative to viewers, your law firm will have people sharing your output and thus increasing your brand reputation far more than if you were to just quickly push out content that meets arbitrary SEO or calendar requirements. Remember the following principles when crafting your content for sharing on social media:

  • Each piece of content you create needs to support your law firm’s brand image. Do not fall into the trap of using clickbait tactics that can eventually backfire and give your firm a bad reputation.
  • Review data to determine which content gains the most visibility on your firm’s social networks. You may find that images are resonating better with viewers than blog posts are. Use these insights to increase your engagement in future posts. 
  • Use visual content. Articles containing images get 94 percent more views than those without. When Twitter content has accompanying images, it receives twice the amount of views that text posts get.

How to Measure the Impact

Reaching the goal of strongly affecting social media with your firm’s brand involves the execution of specific strategies. The above-mentioned information and steps will point you in the right direction toward seeing your law firm’s brand rise on social media.

Law firms must drop the notion that branding is simply colors and logos. Effective branding is carried out through your imagery, your voice, and your targeted audience. Granted, it is a bit tricky to measure success, due to branding’s qualitative characteristics. However, when you see mentions of your law firm and sharing of your postings, the impact will become evident.    

Legal Marketing with Broughton Partners

Building a brand on social media for a law firm can be time-consuming and requires a dedicated marketing team to successfully implement an effective social media marketing strategy. Attorneys must evaluate how to manage their time and effort towards what are currently the most important tasks for their law firm. 

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