Is your law firm having trouble with claimant acquisition? You’re not alone—over the past several years, quality leads for lawyers have become more challenging to generate. The saturation of the legal industry alongside drastic shifts in consumer behavior over the past decade has contributed to an extremely competitive landscape, one in which quality leads are hard to come by. However, you can now get qualified leads with the help of digital marketing and case acquisition specialists at Broughton Partners.

Broughton Partners is a team of marketing and intake professionals who deliver qualified claimants at a guaranteed cost per signed retainer. We have developed an efficient lead identification and screening process to find the right claimants for your law firm. Once leads are qualified by our team, we equally distribute these claimants using our proprietary unbiased fulfillment technology. 

How Does the Broughton Partners Intake Process & Unbiased Fulfillment Work?

Finding Qualified Claimants

We make it our mission to connect your firm with quality claimants matching your exact criteria. Broughton Partners utilizes all the methods listed below to acquire such claimants at the best possible cost:

Our professional in-house marketing team begins by targeting and connecting with victims searching for legal information about their case. We then start tracking the lawsuit leads online with our proprietary case-acquisition technology as soon as potential plaintiffs show interest or after they call. This system is continuously optimized for the best results and ensures that only qualified leads are delivered to your law firm. 

How Our Claimant Intake Process Works

Our intake department is a bi-lingual, TCPA-compliant 24/7 in-house call center. On average, callers are connected to a live operator in under 30 seconds. Our case specialists navigate through potential leads and find the qualified cases you requested. Once they are assigned to a firm, the firm’s contact information is given to the caller, and they are educated on the mass tort litigation timeline and what to expect in the claims process. This makes the process very easy for the claimant.

All intake team members practice professional empathy as most callers are going through a very difficult time. At Broughton Partners, we realize it takes a knowledgeable professional to help them navigate through the claims process.

Building the Connection Between Qualified Plaintiffs & Attorneys

Our company prides itself on finding the best quality claimants possible for our partners. All of our claimants are fully vetted against your firm’s specific case criteria. The claimant intake process uses technology and data science to screen claimants and accurately qualify them. 

We then take things a step further by offering any necessary case paperwork attorneys will need to start working on their new cases right away and build rapport with their new clients. We understand how difficult it can be for law firms to find quality cases on an ongoing basis. Our intake team will expertly handle the first steps in building strong connections with injured victims looking for legal help.

Unbiased Fulfillment – Equally Distributing Claimants to Law Firms

We often get questions from attorneys regarding how claimants are assigned to law firms. There is sometimes concern that only larger firms receive cases with higher potential settlement amounts, while smaller firms get the leftovers. However, this sort of “cherry-picking” does not align with Broughton Partners’ strict code of ethics. 

Our in-house tech team worked diligently to develop a solution that provides equal services to firms of any size and avoids any preferential treatment. We assign claimants objectively to attorneys in using our unbiased fulfillment technology. It’s essentially a round-robin delivery system that distributes claimants to law firms based on when they arrived in the system, weighted against the number of firms currently in a contract with Broughton Partners. 

With our proprietary technology, there are no “best cases” based upon either the claimants’ criteria or our relationship with the law firm they are assigned to. The probability of being assigned any particular case depends on your firm’s case order size relative to other firms’ orders. 

If two law firms ordered the same number of cases, each would have an equal probability of receiving any particular claimant. Simply put, litigating firms do not “get our best claimants” while our referring firms get the rest. Every law firm contracted with Broughton Partners is therefore given claimants in a fair and transparent process. 

While claimants are equally distributed, attorneys also benefit from the following with our case generation services:

  • Exclusive qualified claimants for all law firms
  • Claimants are delivered to clients in real-time
  • Attorneys are able to target local areas for claimants

Why Choose Broughton Partners?

Don’t be fooled by other legal marketing companies that offer cheap contracts for unverified leads. We execute profitable campaigns through a data-driven, advanced learning acquisition platform, resulting in a higher level of cases for your firm. These cases are fulfilled at random because everyone we work with is viewed as a partner.  

Our team consists of experienced and professional analysts, designers, developers, marketers, and strategists. Success is achieved through a thorough understanding of the legal industry and the value of a law firm’s time. We proudly back unbiased fulfillment knowing our clients rely on us with the same confidence, trust, and expectations with which your clients rely on you. 

Our dedicated intake team always prioritizes quality work and never compromises just for the sake of quantity. Compassion and care are essential in dealing with distressed claimants, so these injured victims can feel supported as we try our best to connect them to your law firm.

With our expertise in the industry and our long list of satisfied clients, we are confident in our ability to exceed your firm’s needs. Broughton Partners understands the sudden and frequent changes in the industry, and quickly adapts to new legal marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. 

Contact us to learn more about the Broughton Partners turnkey claimant acquisition solution and begin scaling your firm’s docket today.