Marketers for law firms are normally used to managing a variety of tasks and proposals, such as a focus on raising awareness of a firm’s brand and highlighting the firm’s expertise. Other duties include focusing on the support of business development and lead generation to bring in new clients. Generating leads and creating awareness of their brand are both significant goals that can be accomplished with a well-rounded digital marketing plan that combines a strong internet presence, social media marketing, content marketing, and online advertising.

However, most attorneys question which one is more important, brand awareness or lead generation for law firms? Or should there be an equal balance of both? For the most part, the answer to this is finding balance, but it is important to understand what each one requires and how they work with your digital marketing strategy.

Brand Awareness vs. Campaign Generation for Law Firms

A brand awareness campaign will familiarize your brand and services to the public. Essentially, the objective of brand awareness is to make prospective clients think of your firm when they are in need of an attorney or if someone they know asks for a recommendation.

Alternatively, lead generation for law firms and attorneys helps the growth of your firm by finding and obtaining website visitors who are interested in the services you offer. For the most part, lead-generating campaigns incorporate a call to action; this could mean a potential client subscribing to your mailing list or keeping your firm’s information on hand just in case.

Pros and Cons

Each campaign has its own set of objectives, so this means a different set of pros and cons for each one.

Brand Awareness Pros

  • Enhances your law firm’s visibility
  • Increases the demand for your firm’s services
  • Generates traffic to your site

Brand Awareness Cons

  • Will not generate leads directly
  • Time-consuming
  • It can be hard to decide whether it’s actually worth the effort

Campaign Generation Pros

  • Provides measurable results
  • Quick prospect identification

Campaign Generation Cons

  • Might not be as successful without sufficient brand awareness
  • Risk of demand for online content rather than actual services

Brand Awareness & Campaign Generation Are Better Together

In all reality, the best law firm marketing strategy is a healthy mix of both brand awareness and lead generation. Each one works hand-in-hand by leading to action and bringing in new clients. As stated in the pros and cons of each one, they rely on one another to achieve their ultimate objectives and work effectively. Greater brand awareness will more than likely bring potential clients into your lead generation campaign because they will already know about your firm.

Striking the Right Balance for Your Law Firm

Realistically, all law firms should try to use both brand awareness and lead generation campaigns, but your perfect balance is dependent on the specialized goals and needs of your firm.

If you already have great traffic flow on your website and are able to reach out to prospective clients online, perhaps you should focus on brand awareness to keep your firm at the top of your target’s lists so that they have you in mind and know how to get a hold of you and what services you offer just in case.

However, if you’re looking to gain more clients for your firm and want to instantly improve the bottom line, your best bet is to focus more on lead generation for law firms with a supplement of brand awareness.

A firm that’s introducing a new practice area or moving to a new geographical market will want to shift their focus to brand awareness all the while keeping aside a good amount of lead generation resources. Firms that are already established and have their own thought leadership position don’t have to worry as much about brand awareness because your firm is already well-known.

Both brand awareness and lead generation are important digital marketing strategies for law firms, so it’s important to strike the balance that is right for your law firm. Using analytic tools and current data will assist you with gaining an insight into the market and allow you to create a plan that best matches the objectives of your business.

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