Marketing your law firm and yourself as a professional lawyer is not always as easy as it seems, especially if you represent a highly competitive niche. In order to truly stand out as a legal professional, building an online presence and optimizing your digital marketing strategy is a must.

Building a Professional Brand

Establishing yourself as a legal professional is the first step when diving into the world of digital marketing. Ask yourself the following questions before registering a domain name and building your social media pages:

  • Who are my clients? What demographics am I trying to reach with the legal services I provide?
  • How do I expect my clients to discover my skills and abilities? Do I intend to network locally or put social media and online marketing to work for me?
  • How can I appeal to prospective clients to trust me when they first learn about me and my legal services online?
  • Do I have plans to network with other legal professionals in similar markets, or am I determined to remain solo as a lawyer?

Consider how you want to be perceived when making your first impression with prospective clients online. While some attorneys take on contingency cases, others are more expensive due to their vast experience and proven courtroom abilities.

Launch Your Official Website

Launch an official website that represents you as a lawyer or the law firm you own and operate. Research domain names to determine the best name for your website that has not already been claimed and registered. It is imperative to conduct domain name research before moving forward with choosing a name for your law firm or developing your firm’s online presence with the use of the internet and social media.

Once you have a website, there are a few elements to focus on, including:

  • Responsive Design: Responsive design, or website design that responds to all devices from traditional computers to smartphones and tablets, is essential. Implementing responsive design is a way to ensure you minimize your website’s bounce rate while also maintaining the interest of visitors and prospective clients.
  • Focus on SEO: Focus on SEO, or search engine optimization while building your official website. Both local and traditional SEO is extremely valuable when building a legal website and a professional reputation for yourself as an attorney.
  • Network With Law Directories: Research law directories online that are designed solely for legal professionals and official law firms throughout the US. Adding your website’s link to official legal directories is a great way to establish your website as an authoritative resource while also boosting your site’s overall page ranking.

Provide Quick Access to Contact Information

Use your website as a resource for individuals who are seeking legal representation or for those who simply want to learn more about the services you provide. Include contact information that is easily accessible and readily available on your website’s homepage or any landing page where users visit immediately. Not only is it important to share your business email address, but including a telephone number along with an official business address is highly advisable to boost your professional reputation with visitors and prospective clients. The more available a law firm appears, the easier it is to generate leads and new prospective clients in need of the services you provide.

Content is Key

Content is still crucial when it comes to developing and launching a highly effective marketing campaign. Crafting well-written, informative, and unique content for your law firm and the legal services you provide is a great way to stand out from local competitors while making a name for yourself in any market or niche. Some of the content types to keep in mind as a lawyer while building an online presence include:

  • Educational Content: Inform visitors on various topics that pertain to the legal area you specialize in.
  • Guides/Tutorials: Provide users with guides and tutorials that help assist them through the legal process of filing paperwork or a claim to be dealt with in a court of law.
  • In-Depth Legal Content: Create in-depth legal content that is informative and difficult to find anywhere else online. Creating unique content is a way to establish your dominance and authority while also garnering an online following of those interested in the law.
  • Testimonials and Success Stories: Share testimonials and success stories from past clients you have helped. Use testimonials and success stories to gain the trust of new prospective clients while also showcasing your abilities and professionalism as an attorney.

Use Social Media to Maximize Your Online Presence

Using social media is one of the best ways to boost your digital marketing strategy’s overall success. Create pages for yourself as a professional or for your law firm using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest depending on the type of client you want to reach. Social media platforms provide you with the ability to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of users simultaneously with just one post or update. With the use of social media and a consistent update calendar, keep your followers informed, interested, and engaged with the content you share and what you have to say.

Showcase Transparency Using Social Media

As a lawyer, building trust between you and your clients is fundamental to your survival and ability to remain working in the field of law. Showcasing your transparency and your willingness to discuss legal matters with prospective clients has never been easier than with the use of social media. Use social media to respond to questions and inquiries while also providing free advice to users in need. The more willing and giving you appear on social media, the easier it becomes to establish yourself as a professional who genuinely cares about the people.

When locals begin to trust and respect you, it is much easier to generate referrals and recommendations to keep yourself busy and not wanting for work. Developing a positive and professional relationship with your online followers is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a lawyer in a highly competitive society.

Marketing as a legal professional requires an understanding of your client base as well as the various tools and outlets that are most popular with prospective clients in need. With a thorough understanding of who you want to appeal to and a complete grasp on digital marketing tools you have available, create highly effective campaigns that not only generate buzz surrounding your law firm but also referrals and recommendations that result in new clientele and more revenue.

Use Lead Generation Services

At the end of the day, your law firm wants more clients with lawsuits that meet your criteria. Law firms will often find themselves wasting valuable time looking for new leads and tracking leads that are dead ends. To save time and gain more clients, law firms can work with Broughton Partners, a law firm marketing and lead generation company that has innovated the lead generation industry. We provide not just lead generation, but what we call qualified lead generation for law firms. Our team can ensure you receive signed claimants by going a step further. We will review potential plaintiffs for eligibility and quality before delivering the retained plaintiffs to your law firm.

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