If your law firm is trying to decide between whether to purchase leads or to put forth the effort towards building them, it’s integral to understand how the entire buying process works, along with the pros and cons. In a pay-per-lead (PPL) business, fees must be paid to outside firms for every lead they send to you. There are low-quality agencies and trustworthy agencies in every industry. You have the important task of asking lots of questions in order to understand the quality of their legal leads and their workflow.
1. You’ll only pay for any campaigns you acquire.

Acquiring Legal Campaign

PPL companies generate leads online the same way a law firm does. They use Google’s pay-per-click and SEO to drive leads onto a landing page, where visitors can receive more information about their legal situation from an experienced attorney. The company then sells leads to attorneys for prices that are based on the case type.

Some businesses will call leads prior to passing them onto their clients, while others will send the contact information over to the law firm and be done with it. Agencies may also track leads to find out if the desired action is completed. Once a lead visits the landing page and leaves their contact information, the agency will pass it on to you along with other clients. If you would prefer to have exclusivity over a lead, you should work with an agency that will ensure that you are the sole recipient of every lead inside of your territory.

The next two sections will discuss the pros and cons of law firm lead generation to see if it’s worth using.

Law Firm Campaign Generation: Pros

1. You’ll only pay for any campaigns you acquire.

Your budget can be managed based on individual leads instead of paying a flat yearly or monthly fee, which decreases the risk of overspending your budget, especially if you’re not receiving the results you desire.

2. You’ll get instant campaigns. 

What makes PPL simple and enticing is the fact that you can receive leads right after you sign up. Google Ads is one of the easiest ways to get leads because you can make bids on keywords within search engine results in minutes. Keyword volume is still something you will have to deal with, along with a landing page that’s prone to conversions, and initiating communication with the contact. PPL eliminates steps from more aggressive paid advertising campaigns you could do on your own.

3. You can focus more on your cases with the hands-off approach. 

You won’t have to worry about where any of your leads came from or how in-house resources can be implemented to obtain leads. This will give you more time to focus on your cases and on other ways you can grow your business, such as making updates to your website, improving referrals, and attending professional events.

4. Campaigns can help your business when you really need it. 

Growing law firms, as well as startups, typically cost thousands of dollars upfront to get off the ground. While a growing list of bills must be paid each month, paid leads help you make contact directly with people who might need your service, no matter the cost to the clients.

Law Firm Campaign Generation: Cons

1. Other methods have a lower overall cost than PPL marketing, which tends to be more expensive. 

Some PPL services cost as much as $100 for every lead they find. While this may not be as expensive as other PPL ads, it could take you up to a minimum of 10 leads, if not more, to convert a potential client into a customer.

2. Your campaign volume may be low. 

Lead generation is unpredictable, even for agencies that focus primarily on PPL marketing. If it’s an unusually slow season, lead gen companies may have to pay for traffic in order to garner leads. Low-quality leads and low volumes are possibilities that should be taken into consideration.

3. Your internal expenses could increase through PPL efforts. 

Lead information sent to your inbox regularly is great, but will your associates follow up with them? Some costs that should be taken into consideration include an intake specialist and an email system that sends out automated emails.

4. The quality of campaigns could be significantly reduced. 

Paid leads have a lower conversion rate than any other marketing venture because lead companies will only operate if they can obtain a large number of leads. In order to achieve this, they must be present in all of the digital marketing channels and be very aggressive by reeling people in who are unsure what their needs are or what forms they are filling out. Unqualified legal leads outweigh the few good leads that may actually give you business.

5. Low-quality campaigns can also be a waste of time. 

There is a downside to being overwhelmed with lower-quality leads. For one thing, your law firm may not suit the potential plaintiff’s needs. Your legal team will end up wasting lots of time following up with unqualified claims which could wrap them up in lengthy, frustrating, and rather confusing conversations that go nowhere. Wasting time is the only thing worse than wasting money.

Broughton Partners Provides Better Services Than Campaign Generation

Trends in lead generation that have garnered bad reputations were discovered by the founders of Broughton Partners. These trends led to delivering retained plaintiffs instead of simple leads to law firms. Broughton Partners uses an in-house marketing team, along with a highly trained bilingual call center that operates 24/7, to deliver qualified retainers by using closed-loop data feedback to optimize their marketing strategies.

We use a customized approach for finding claimants, which helps us refine our leads to a select list of qualified plaintiffs that become more than just leads. Our screening process and intake identification will help you find the best prospective claimants so you can focus on assisting your new clientele.

Our company currently works with several hundred top law firms all across the country. Broughton Partners disrupts the status quo and innovates by providing dynamic and evolutionary solutions built around transparency, technology, data science, and efficiency. We provide measurable results so our employees and clients can monitor business objectives effectively, which puts our company a cut above the rest.    

To connect with qualified claimants call (800) 949-8904 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation.