Legal marketing constantly changes to address new technological developments and client needs. Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the field looking to change your routine or a newcomer looking to grow your practice, litigators need to update their marketing tactics to stay ahead of the curve and draw in new clients. However, marketing is also a fluid industry with no clear method to keep up with the current age; wherever you look, several sources each cite different aspects to focus on.

Ultimately, what lawyers can do to strengthen their marketing strategies is look to the fundamentals and reinforce those pillars with the newest technological developments. Even when the world of marketing changes according to the whims of time, the nature of it stays the same.

SEO Campaigns

With the age of digital marketing comes new ways for clients to find law firms to take their cases, and the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns cannot be understated. SEO campaigns comprise various factors, including informative content on your website, social media activity, and audience retention.

Look at your law firm’s website and ask yourself, “Is this clear and readable? Do I have content like blogs or articles a visitors can engage with? Am I scheduling the right social media posts?” Activity from both you and potential clients tells search engines such as Google or Bing to push your website to more people looking for legal aid.

These search engines monitor activity, retention, and other factors to determine who or what gets seen by more people. Manipulating that algorithm is what an SEO campaign is all about, and a successful one brings in more search traffic, grows your client base, and gets your brand out to more people.

The Power of Branding

What are your services? How do you present yourself? Why should this client go to you for aid? All of these questions and a lot more are answered by your brand. Of course, when people say “brand,” their mind jumps to color schemes or logos, or any other aspect of visual appeal. But visual appeal is just one aspect of good branding.

Branding consists of visual language, the tone of your writing, and the identity you choose to represent your expertise. These decisions are all about how you present yourself to your targeted audience, and each requires great care to be successful.

Now whether it’s testimonials from previous clients, the biographies of your legal team, or regularly posted blogs discussing the latest legal developments, there are several avenues you can take to create and establish your brand.

The Emergence of New Technology

We live in a day and age where information can be delivered in a matter of seconds. With that information comes new ideas, new audiences, and, of course, new technology. What may sound like science fiction is our everyday reality through social media, videos, and the newcomer, AI.

Each of these tools is individually beneficial, but using them together can improve your workflow. Leveraging the power of videos to better communicate with your audience, using social media to reach other legal experts, and AI to automate repetitive tasks such as moderation, scheduling, and analysis.

However, there are certain risks to these approaches: a lack of understanding of video editing, disregarding social media guidelines, and an overreliance on infant technology such as AI could be debilitating. Careful consideration is needed to utilize each of these tools and see the best results from them. Otherwise, you may sabotage yourself in the long run.

A Key Principle

At the end of the day, your objective as a law firm is to meet your client’s needs while growing your online presence. Don’t be afraid to employ new strategies or technology in your marketing while remaining true to your brand. The best thing you can do for your law firm is reinforce the tenements that brought you success and never abandon those pillars of your institution, even as technology and marketing change.

What Broughton Partners Can Do For You

Even as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and change with time, you need the certainty new clients will be delivered to your doorstep, pre-qualified and fit for representation. That is the certainty Broughton Partners can provide.

We help law firms take on more clients by building a network between claimants, litigators, and referral firms. With several brands, we market to potential claimants across television, radio, and social media. Potential claimants contact our in-house 24/7 call center and are screened for eligibility using criteria we create with leading litigators. The retainers are then delivered to partnered firms pre-qualified without any additional work on their part.
We help attorneys find more people in less time and give claimants more power to pursue the justice they deserve. Call us at (800) 949-8904 or complete our online contact form today if you want to know more.