Broughton Partners participates in a wide variety of legal conferences held across the nation, meeting various professionals of all backgrounds and specialties in the pursuit of further knowledge. These opportunities broaden our possibilities to help the many injured by corporate negligence through both newly established connections and sharing our expertise in mass tort litigation. These law conferences are gateways for us to educate others on marketing tactics while learning more about the wide world of law.

Some of the most notable conferences we’re attending are occurring this Fall and at the start of 2023. Regardless of the event, Broughton Partners is always happy to provide information on our process or answer any questions you may have.

HarrisMartin’s Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Litigation Conference: A Deep Dive into Causation and Case Analysis

HarrisMartin is a litigation news publisher who regularly hosts educational conferences covering a wide range of litigations. From Asbestos to infant formula, HarrisMartin informs legal and insurance professionals about all the details surrounding their covered lawsuit.

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is the focus of their upcoming September 15 conference. Camp Lejeune was the site of one of the worst water contamination cases in history, where an estimated one million people were exposed to highly toxic chemicals through their water supply for over 30 years. Only recently have victims been able to sue the government for damages.

This conference covers the important information surrounding the naval station, such as its causation, the diseases linked to the contamination, and how to help victims get the justice they deserve.

HarrisMartin’s Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Litigation Conference

The Legal Marketing & Management Summit 2022

Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs is an accomplished attorney who spends over $12 million a year on advertising with a history of airing five Super Bowl commercials. Isaacs was almost killed when he was hit by a car in 2015. Inspired by a previous marketing summit, Isaacs reached out to several esteemed law firms during his lengthy recovery with the idea of creating a community of shared values and common goals. This gathering of elite litigators came to be known as the Brain Trust Legal Group.

This Summit is composed of attorneys from around the nation worth billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements coming together to share social media strategies, growth principles, and marketing strategies. The objective is to show other lawyers who struggle with marketing tactics and attracting clients find success in their fields from those on top of their expertise.

The Legal Marketing & Management Summit will be held from September 28 to 30 at the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas. It will be filled to the brim with top litigators ready to share their knowledge with anyone attending.

The Legal Marketing & Management Summit

Mass Torts Made Perfect Seminar

Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP) is a unique networking opportunity for lawyers. This conference is for plaintiff attorneys and their paralegals to connect and learn from others the latest strategies on mass tort litigation and class action lawsuits. All of this is for lawyers to build bridges with those within or outside their field of expertise and build their practice in both scope and knowledge.

Broughton Partners is a regular at MTMP, with our partnership extending to multiple areas. We sponsored their most recent webinar–Camp Lejeune: A Guide for Attorneys and Paralegals on Navigating the Most Important Litigation in the Country, on August 25. In addition to the sponsorship, our CEO Cason Carter will be speaking at this upcoming conference about case lead generation.

This event is a gathering of knowledge with attendees capable of going from one session to another, collecting all the information they need for success. The conference will be held at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 12 to 14.

Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP)

National Trial Lawyers Summit 2023

The first conference of 2023 is the National Trial Lawyers Summit at Loews Miami Beach Hotel on January 23. It is an education-centered event where students, paralegals, and attorneys can meet at any point in their careers and exchange unique insights over luncheons, cocktail hours, and exclusive receptions. This is a networking opportunity with a wide net of individuals with some well versed in the world of law or others entering it with fresh perspectives.

The sessions offered cover a host of topics ranging from digital marketing to women’s leadership while never straying far from litigation procedures. Beyond these subjects are the educational seminars on mass torts, automobile lawsuits, and criminal defense along with numerous other topics breaching the grand sphere of legal proceedings.

This event is a worthwhile opportunity filled with exclusive social functions, exciting conversations, and compelling seminars. The Trial Lawyers Summit is a fantastic opportunity and a great way to start your year.

HarrisMartin’s Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Litigation Conference: A Deep Dive into Causation and Case Analysis

Broughton Partners has a vision of a world without corporate negligence. By attending these conferences and building relations with prominent legal experts across the world, we ensure that vision becomes a tangible reality. It would be an honor for you to join us in achieving this goal.