With 2023 comes a new year of legal conferences and networking events. As judicial organizations prepare their conventions for the upcoming months, now’s the best time to plan what you will attend for the Spring and Summer seasons. While there are some apparent options, given the prevalence and scope they can garner from attorneys across the country, there are still notable events presenting valuable opportunities scheduled throughout the year.

Even if you or your firm cannot attend one or more of the following conferences, opportunities are constantly arising. You should always feel that taking advantage of these events benefits your profession. Look at your already scheduled commitments, and accommodate as many of these legal conferences as possible.

TBI Med Legal March 9-12

The TBI Med Legal Conference is the world’s largest traumatic brain injury conference. It is presented by the Brain Injury Association of California, a state-based organization to the larger, nationally focused Association of America. Their mission as an institution is to provide awareness, education, research, and treatment to people affected by brain injuries.

The TBI Med Legal Conference is an extension of this mission: reaching out to legal and medical professionals and teaching them about traumatic brain injuries and how to help survivors. The convention is multi-day but is filled with 30 topics a day and over 70 speakers.

TBI Med Legal will begin Thursday, March 9, at noon PST and is open to anyone looking to learn more about brain injury cases from lawyers and medical professionals. Click here to learn more about the event.

Mass Torts Made Perfect April 11-13

Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP) is one of the largest conferences this year. This seminar is meant for plaintiff attorneys and paralegals to network with one another and learn the latest strategies for mass tort litigations.

From the onset, the focus of MTMP is networking; attorneys from around the country attend the seminar looking to meet new people and potential clients and learn how to make the most of multi-district litigations. Various events are held throughout, both virtually and in-person, in service to this objective featuring dozens of speakers covering multiple topics from conversions to updates on national lawsuits.

This is an essential opportunity for those wanting to break into mass torts and how to find success while helping the most people. Kicking off at 7:00 AM PST on April 11, you can find out more about what MTMP has to offer here.

Mass Torts Puerto Rico May 3-5

Mass Torts Puerto Rico (MTPR) is an event presented by the Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico designed to cultivate personal connections with some of the leading legal experts in the country. In addition to networking, MTPR allows attendees to earn CLE General and Ethics credits, providing worthwhile education about the legal world and tangible rewards for professional development.

The mission of the Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico is to develop partnerships among respected members in various areas of legal expertise, bringing value to partnered members and their clients. MTPR is a conference aimed to benefit any attendees with professional growth and provide funds for the local community.

MTPR is open to mass tort and personal injury lawyers; tickets are available until May 3. You can learn more about the event and the Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico here.

Dordick Trial College May 18-20

An event where all proceeds go to cancer research, the Dordick Trial College advertises networking with lawyers from all aspects of special interest litigation while spending time at the beaches of Los Cabos, Mexico.

The Trial College is meant for trial lawyers wanting to exchange ideas with fellow legal associates through workshops, master programs, and special panels. Learn more about the event happening May 18 here.

Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 7.0 June 13-16

The Lanier Law Firm is once again hosting a Master Class: the Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 7.0 is reopening its doors on June 13 for plaintiff lawyers around the country. This event will cover new trial techniques and strategies by Mark Lanier, an attorney who helped his law firm win $20 billion in verdicts and made a personal groundbreaking verdict of $4.69 billion.

The modules included in Master Class 7.0 will teach attorneys about identifying liars, non-verbal cues, and time management. This includes brand-new materials regarding examinations, closings, and voir dire. All proceeds will go to Guatemala SANA, a charity project providing healthcare and education in undeveloped communities in Guatemala.

If you wish to learn more about the Lanier Trial Academy Master Class.

AAJ 2023 Annual Convention

Every year, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) hosts their Annual Convention, a conference where the country’s top trial lawyers come together to share what they’ve learned throughout their careers. This event hosts various speakers on an array of topics ranging from recreational tort cases to hiring within a law firm.

The AAJ aims for a convention where accomplished trial lawyers come together and discuss the latest legal developments and strategies. These powerful connections broaden your knowledge of the world of law and your possibilities as an attorney. Beyond these career benefits, the Annual Convention offers programs for attendees to earn up to a year’s worth of Continuing Legal Education credits.

The 2023 Annual Convention will be held July 15 to 18 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What Broughton Partners Can Do for You

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