Everyone in the world of legal marketing wants to know how they can generate more leads. Frustratingly, the question does not have a simple answer.

In fact, the better question may center on determining the right way to generate high-quality leads. The truth is that garnering an ongoing stream of leads that actually go somewhere is a far better use of money, time, and other resources then attempting to snag as many leads as possible. You’ll end up spending more resources in the long run attempting to filter out the ones that don’t meet your criteria.

Fortunately, there are numerous best practices and digital tools to aid you in acquiring the best quality leads.

Your lawyer lead generation strategy may be falling flat for several reasons, and some of the more common culprits include:


  1. Targeting the Wrong Clients

Do you have an accurate read on your audience and the information those individuals are seeking? If your clients and your legal services are not well-aligned, your efforts are destined to fail. Take a fresh look at the traits and interests of those you are trying to reach. Make sure your assumptions are current and on-target. Keep these assessments at the forefront as you generate your marketing plans as well as your online content.

  1. Offering the Wrong Information at the Wrong Time

The fact is that prospective clients want different things at different points in time. A person who is in the initial phases of the client acquisition process will need something much different from someone on the opposite end of the funnel. If you utilize a heavy-handed sales pitch to target the person just starting the process, they may be immediately turned away. Lawyer lead generation strategy requires a strong grasp of how injured plaintiffs select their attorneys.

It’s best to reach these audiences at the earliest stage of the process by using content that provides useful information on their specific case type. Next, you can begin establishing trust and authority by providing more detailed types of content as they get closer to making their final decision. This is the point when they will be seeking more case-specific information and details on lawyer fees.

  1. Your Communications Lack Consistency and Clarity

Clients make decisions based on people and relationships, so the communication style is critical. It’s best to be straightforward and understanding. The information must be presented in an appealing manner that is free of unnecessary fluff. Examine how your law firm appears to an uninterested observer. Explore your online content and marketing collateral to see how it might look to someone on the outside.

  1. Your Approach Is Not Well-Tailored

When you send the same communication to every lead or make a single, generic offer and hope conversions will follow, you are likely to be disappointed with the results. If, however, you can tailor your messaging and content more precisely to different targets, your outcomes are sure to be more impressive. The process may require a bit more time, but the results will be worthwhile.

You don’t always need to utilize every possible communications channel. Instead, pick and choose the ones that make the most sense for your preferred audience and work on using those more effectively. This will yield better results than throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks, which is a recipe for failure.

  1. Poor Timing

Does your content tend to go out at the same time, with disappointing results? Perhaps the timing you have chosen does not work well for your targets. If your post arrives too early, your content may get lost in the shuffle before the reader even has a chance to digest it. If your initial message arrives too late, it’ll no longer peak interest. By utilizing lead analysis and monitoring software, you can assess precisely who looked at your site, when, and what they read. This provides valuable insight for a better feel of when overtures should be timed.

  1. Missing Call-To-Action

Successful lawyer lead generation strategy requires a call-to-action (CTA). Whether composing a blog post or an email blast, your CTA needs to naturally prompt recipients to move to the next phase of the client acquisition process. If you deliver marketing materials that lack a CTA, your bounce rates will surely be negatively impacted. A strong CTA entices engagement with your content and converts users into leads, or better yet, into signed claimants.

  1. Lack of Mobile Optimization

All of your website content must be fully accessible and functional for smartphones and tablets. Given the frequency with which people conduct business and research on these devices, it is incumbent on you to ensure that you capture all of those users. You can even take advantage of some no-cost online form creators such as JotForm and Typeform if your marketing budget is limited.

  1. Impatience

Ensure that you do not give up on a marketing campaign unless you know it has been properly executed and has been allowed sufficient cadence. Law firm content marketing and other lead generation efforts do not work overnight, so remember to be patient. Do not rush into sending out massive amounts of low-quality content because that is sure to be counterproductive. If you take the time to push out high-quality material, the positive results will follow. Again, patience is key.

  1. You Aren’t Responding to Analytics

To achieve real success with your lawyer lead generation strategy, you must carefully watch the numbers. While it may be easy to put analytics on the backburner as there are always multiple fires to put out, you must remain aware of which efforts are working and what has fallen flat. That way, you can make the necessary adjustments and start seeing the desired results.

These days, there is a tremendous amount of information gleaned from a few simple clicks. It is easier than ever to track leads to their source and learn a great deal about the path which led them to you. With this in mind, success is easier than ever for those who follow the simple steps outlined above.

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