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Roundup manufacturer Bayer-Monsanto is facing thousands of lawsuits accusing the company of making and selling a product that was marketed as safe and has now been linked to causing cancer.

Users of Roundup, who have been diagnosed with cancer such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, will be seeking a personal injury law firm for legal representation.

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What is Roundup?

Marketed since 1974, Roundup is a herbicide that includes glyphosate, which Monsanto determined could be used in its herbicides in 1970.

Since 1970s, the frequency of use of glyphosate-based herbicides has jumped 10,000 percent. Moreover, each year farmers, commercial nurseries, gardeners and groundskeepers of parks and golf courses have used about 250 million pounds of glyphosate.

Scientific studies in which normal human lymphocytes are exposed to Roundup in a test tube have shown damage to DNA as early as 1998. Dr. Fernando Manas, a biologist at the National University of Rio Cuarto in Argentina, discovered evidence of DNA damage after studying people who were employed in the soy industry and who were exposed to pesticides that used glyphosate. A study performed by the Pontifical Catholic University in Quito, Ecuador, by residents of northern Ecuador exposed to Roundup was found to have developed various health issues including abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, heart palpitations, blurred vision, insomnia, numbness and headaches as well as DNA damage.

The National Scientific Research Center and the University of Pierre and Marie Curie in France discovered in a study performed in 2004 that Roundup caused changes in the cell division of sea urchin embryos and the scientists found a direct link to the errors and the development of cancer due to the cumulative amounts of Roundup.

Moreover, the International Agency for Research on Cancer reported in March 2015 that exposure to Roundup can cause cancer. The report was based on studies that were performed since 2001 on the effects of glyphosate on agricultural workers. The study discovered that the rate of workers with non-Hodgkin lymphoma was higher in those exposed to Roundup than those who did not.


Roundup Linked to Cancer

Studies show that as many as 70,000 people in
the United States are diagnosed with
none-Hodgkin lymphoma each year.



fever, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes, stomach pain, chest pain, loss of appetite


chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, biological therapy, radiation


kidney disease, liver damage, autism, colitis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease




B-cell lymphoma is the most common form of the disease and accounts for up to 90 percent of all cases


  • Farm workers
  • Nursery employees
  • Garden center employees
  • Landscapers

There are specific individuals within the agricultural industry who are at higher risk of exposure and cancer. These individuals are exposed to glyphosate by breathing it in when using the product, mixing, cleaning, or through food and water that become contaminated with Roundup

The Roundup Lawsuit

The Roundup lawsuit asserts that Monsanto has known for more than 30 years that the use of Roundup can cause cancer.

However, the company decided not to inform the public and continued to claim that the product was safe and non-toxic to humans, pets, and other animals.

Records used to prosecute the Monsanto class action lawsuit show that the company created fake data and attacked legitimate studies that warned of the dangers of the product. The Roundup lawsuit also claims that the company promoted a campaign with the purpose of misleading government agencies, farmers, and individuals who used the product to ensure that it was safe.

March 2015

the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reclassified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic in humans.”

Early 2017

Interest in personal injury lawsuits concerning the effect of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide and its link to cancer increases.

August 2018

A state court jury in California awarded DeWayne Johnson $288 million in compensatory and punitive damages after he claimed Roundup was the cause of his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The amount was later reduced to $78 million.

March 2019

Edwin Hardeman was awarded $80 million in damages by a jury after he claimed Roundup was the cause of his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

May 2019

A couple who were both landscapers and used Roundup for residential landscaping were awarded $2 billion after they claimed Roundup was the cause of their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


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