For years, law firms have expanded their regional client base through local marketing campaigns. Attorneys still advertise on billboards, in newspapers, and phone books, but the remainder of their marketing funds are put toward more online alternatives. As technological advancements have allowed geolocation services on various devices, search engines and directories have the ability to deliver more localized results to consumers.

Law firms should have a strong local legal marketing strategy to promote their business to their surrounding areas. We will go over a few tips on how to get started.

Locally Optimized Website Content for Targeted Searches

Law firms searching for local clientele should shift the focus of their site’s content to more targeted areas. Having locally optimized website content can improve a website’s placement in organic search results. Rankings in directory and map listings can also be impacted, as this type of content can be a reliable indicator to search engines that the firm is locally focused.

For local search results, website optimization should attempt to identify search terms and locations to improve your firm’s website placement. Your website should be tagged with location markup to increase the readability of phone numbers, addresses, and names by search engines.

Localized Search Engine Optimization

For better search engine rankings, online marketing experts stress the importance of optimizing a law firm’s website, which can be achieved in many ways.

Localized SEO for law firms begins with generating high-quality content. If you don’t invest some time and energy in the content, you will never be fully optimized for search rankings.

In order to decide which keywords will be used with your online content, you should conduct some research first.

You can use the following tools to perform your keyword research:

You will have a better chance of getting your webpage onto the first page of Google search results and, over time, get to the number one position if you optimize your site’s content with relevant keywords.

High search rankings drive a constant stream of high-quality traffic to your webpage and promote steady growth for your law firm. For better search positioning, it is recommended that you provide optimized content.

Localized Listings in Maps and Directories

Directories and search engines play a significant role in localized marketing. Directories can aid with search rankings and provide referrals to a law firm.

Your local legal marketing strategy must optimize your firm’s presence in various directories of the local listings. Your primary targets should be users searching for legal firms on social media sites such as Facebook, or search engine directory listings like Google. Listings in lawyer-focused directories like Avvo or Justia, or business directories like LinkedIn and Yelp, should be optimized.

To ensure your listings present a consistent phone number, address, and name for each of your offices, they should also be followed up with corresponding directory submissions and audited regularly. This is even more important if you want your site to rank on Google. The URL of your website should be included in the listing where possible and be positioned in appropriate practice areas.

You will be able to update your listing directly through some online business directories, but on others, the data is recovered from large business data providers.

Paid PPC/CPC Advertising

Another option law firms have for reaching local clientele is by advertising on social media and Google. Law firms can filter users based on their actual location and use location keywords to target clients. Your paid advertising strategy can be economically optimized by targeting clientele in specific areas.

Online Reviews From Local Clients

Before a client decides to hire a professional, they will visit online review sites for additional information. Client reviews can offer potential new clients some insight, but they tend to lack context. For instance, a person may have a tough time deciphering whether the positive or negative review they read represents an actual experience someone had, or if it’s just an outlier. Law firms should encourage their clients from their local area to write honest reviews to offer a complete picture to potential clients. Law firms can improve their reputation online if they deal with negative reviews appropriately and manage their online testimonials.


Networking is one of the single most important aspects of marketing. You want to get to know the community in which you are practicing law, as well as other professionals who are in the business.

If you are just starting out, you should offer your assistance on a pro bono basis to a family in need or with a local issue. People will view you as a compassionate person who cares about the community, and your name will become more well-known when you volunteer your services to help citizens in need in your area of practice. Getting to know other attorneys who may share a common interest with you is another benefit of networking. They may share some tips and ideas with you that helped them increase their clientele at their practices.

Social Media Presence

Based on your area, you can search for potential clientele by connecting with people locally. Social media platforms can be used to discuss general topics and to share links related to your practice areas. These platforms will allow you to present your legal firm, as well as yourself, in a more open-minded way.

Before a potential client walks through your firm’s front door, they will already feel like they know you. Social media can help strengthen your brand and soften the intimidating process of meeting with and hiring an attorney. Social media should be used to project affability within your own community. 

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