Broughton Partners prides itself on our claimant acquisition process, making the lives of partnered law firms much easier. The methods we use to turn potential claimants into qualified retainers is a simple but effective system attorneys around the country utilize to serve new clients and help more people.

Of course, litigators have questions about our process before they partner with us and utilize our services. This blog will answer the most common questions by giving you a peek behind the curtain and understanding how we simplify the claimant acquisition process.

Why Broughton Partners Exists

Our technology-first and innovation-driven case acquisition process was born from years of frustration. The founders of Broughton Partners saw the bad reputation other lead generation companies were creating because of their lackluster systems and how lawyers wanted retained clients instead of just a list of unqualified leads.

With a company mission to help 500,000 people by 2025, Broughton Partners was created to optimize claimant acquisition and revolutionize the legal marketing industry. In a few short years, we’ve worked with hundreds of leading law firms nationwide, disrupting the previous status quo with a system built on efficiency, data science, and transparency.

The Process Starts

All of our marketing efforts start with a mass tort taking place in its earliest stages and gaining traction in the wider legal sphere. After an extensive research process, our business development executives approach partnered firms about the opportunity to help more people and grow their client base. In some instances, a legal team approaches us with the MDL, and the research is started to see what can be done to meet the firm’s needs.

Once a mass tort is selected and a business opportunity is presented, an agreement is made between Broughton Partners and participating law firms. Attorneys utilize a set number of retainers, each one at a fixed price, where there is no favoritism between firms or claimants. This makes each potential lead equal to prevent cherry-picking, regardless if they meet more than one qualification.

How We Launch Campaigns

Our expert marketing department then creates a campaign based on the vast data on a particular lawsuit and the demographics of the targeted audience. Ad creatives are generated and dispersed throughout multiple marketing channels such as TV, radio, social media, and more.

From these channels, potential claimants are informed about the ensuing mass tort. For example, someone with compounding medical bills would see an advertisement about a lawsuit surrounding a defective product that injured them. Thousands of potential claimants nationwide are spurred to take action with dynamic creatives that are frequently adjusted according to the latest legal developments and closed-loop data feedback.

Qualification & Delivery

After being called to action, victims are put in contact with our 24/7 in-house call center, whether it be by calling a number on their screen or completing the screening process online on a landing page. Our legal intake specialists then screen potential claimants, asking a series of questions built from up-to-date criteria made with leading litigators to see if they qualify to file a claim.

When the potential claimant qualifies, they sign the retainer agreement form, which is delivered to the partnered law firm within two weeks. After 90 days, the partnered firm has received all of their claimants, each with the proper documentation collected beforehand. This is just one law firm for one mass tort; Broughton Partners covers a host of mass tort litigations from product liability, defective medical devices, personal injury, and defective drugs.

Continuing Service

Even after a law firm receives its retainers, we strive to deliver the best possible quality for our services. In the rare instance when a lead is found to be flawed, we disengage the retainer with no questions asked. Another will be delivered in the same two-week window, ensuring you receive all the qualified leads your firm signed up for.

Whatever needs are required by our associates, Broughton Partners provides the latest and greatest technology solutions to address the newest problems in claimant acquisition. Our processes let us continue to deliver quality results beneficial for all parties involved. That is a promise we keep for every one of our clients so everyone can benefit from our revolutionary systems.

Building Connections

Our claimant acquisition systems are all built around building better connections between claimants, partnered litigating firms, and referral firms. This process is all in service to give more power to claimants and help as many people as possible without any additional work for attorneys.

The vision of Broughton Partners is a world without corporate negligence, where these injuries no longer occur and disrupt the lives of countless victims. We use our fullest potential to bring this vision closer to reality, allowing litigators to help more people in less time in an effective process. A world where companies no longer neglect the safety of their consumers and victims are always capable of getting the justice they deserve is a world where everyone wins.

What Broughton Partners Can Do For You

This blog has reviewed our claimant acquisition process and discussed our methodology for helping attorneys find pre-qualified clients. This process is always open for new law firms to utilize and achieve the best possible results in their claimant acquisition efforts.

If you would like to learn even more about our services and help more people in less time, complete our online contact form or call us at (800) 949-8904 today.