In terms of lead generation, law firms can significantly benefit from digital marketing strategies that include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. An effective PPC campaign requires strategic planning and research. Otherwise, they may end up returning relatively few cases by exceeding budgets. PPC advertising can exponentially increase your firm’s caseload when run correctly.

Law firms often miss out on opportunities to reach potential clientele if they don’t take advantage of digital marketing strategies such as PPC, which results in them losing clients to more competitive firms in today’s digital climate. Law firms use omnichannel marketing and PPC strategies to achieve instant results. While social media, search, and organic content marketing campaigns can drive potential clientele and traffic to a firm’s website, it can take some time for these campaigns to reach their full potential. PPC helps fill the gaps in between.

What is PPC for Law Firms?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a type of digital advertising where advertisers pay each time a promoted website receives clicks. One of the most significant search engines is Google. Out of the entire global search engine market, Google holds 92% of it, according to HubSpot. Law firms can bid on keywords people search for whenever they need a particular firm’s services through Google Ads.

Benefits of Law Firm PPC Marketing

There are several reasons why lawyers should use PPC ads for their firms:

PPC Ads Place Higher in Google Search Results

The top 3-4 listings are often advertisements taken from Google’s AdWords whenever someone uses Google to search for something.

Your Competition Uses PPC Ads

In order to stand apart from the competition, you need to be able to attract lots of potential clientele. PPC ads build a rapport with your clients and gives additional information about what your firm does, and how other clients have benefited from your services.

You’re in Control of Your Keywords

High-intent searches and micro-moments can be targeted easily. Whenever someone searches for a service or product online, there are keywords that let search engines know their search intent. Your primary target audience should be those who search for commercial intent keywords, which indicate when someone is ready to request more information or fill out a contact form. Pay-Per-Click platforms such as Google AdWords can help you identify the most valuable search terms to use for your legal firm to capitalize on them.

Instant Adjustments Can Be Made

Upon starting, advertising campaigns are far from perfect. It can take several months to fine-tune a campaign. A significant benefit of PPC advertising is the ability to make decisive, swift changes to a campaign.

With the simple click of a mouse, advertisers can make campaign adjustments go live immediately to respond to a runaway spend or capitalize on the early signs of success.

The Right People Will Be Targeted

PPC advertising targets a wide variety of consumer characteristics – search terms included. If a potential client types a phrase into Google like “find an attorney,” they are close to deciding on hiring legal representation. Your ad will only be triggered by search terms that are relevant to your firm. Therefore, people who need legal representation will see your advertisement. By focusing your ad delivery on the people looking for the services your law firm provides, PPC campaigns can maximize the connections with clients you want.

Tracking PPC Campaign Progress is Easy

Performance analytics in the digital world is more valuable than most people realize. An advertiser is more informed about a campaign when data is analyzed and aggregated quickly. Data is updated in real-time from Pay-Per-Click advertising, so your firm can determine which campaign outperforms another campaign on an hourly or daily basis.

The benefits of law firm PPC can be summarized in three simple points:

  • PPC provides fast results.
  • PPC is easy to track.
  • PPC adjusts to suit your needs.

Since most of your clients use Google searches, Pay-Per-Click is an easy way to provide them with advertisements relative to what they are looking for in terms of legal services. There are some caveats to using PPC. It requires ongoing investment and maintenance and is competitive and expensive. Some users tend to avoid PPC ads because they don’t always trust advertisements.

Best Types of Law Firm PPC Marketing

Three types of PPC advertising campaigns that attorneys should consider are:

Ad campaigns with displays: Google partners with dozens of websites to form a network known as the Google Display Network (GDN) to display ads, in addition to showing ads in search results. This network covers over two million websites that reach 90% of people online.

Ad campaigns with searches: When people are looking for the services you offer, search ads will often appear next to Google search results. The only time you will pay any fees is when a person calls your firm or clicks on your website.

Remarketing campaigns: Also known as retargeting on social media sites, remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have previously visited your website. Your ads and bids can be tailored specifically to these specific visitors whenever they are using Google or other search partner sites.

We Can Help You Acquire More Legal Clientele

Maintaining and designing a successful law firm PPC campaign in today’s competitive search market is an art form. It could take years to perfect your campaign. Once you have a full load of cases and scheduled court visits, you may not have the time to adjust bids or rearrange keywords.

Contact our legal marketing team today if you’re having trouble getting your firm’s PPC ad campaign off the ground. A PPC campaign paired with our powerful client acquisition services can help your law firm gain more qualified claimants.